Migration To Golang Book


This books contains our story of migration to Go, and what problems we have faced using other languages. In this small book we have talked about basic Go language features, cross-compilation feature, resources consumption comparison to other languages, Go routines, Mutexes, web development,  web services, connection to database and OOP.

Author Motaz Abdel Azeem

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  • A Brief about us and used technologies
  • Go features and advantages
  • Go features according to Go site
  • Drawback of Go language
  • Our success case of using Go
  • Go vs Java resources comparison
  • Threads comparison
  • Executable size
  • Installing Go
  • First Go application
  • Cross compilation
  • IDE
  • First Go sample with LiteIDE
  • Arrays and Slices
  • Maps
  • Passing variables by reference
  • Writing to text file
  • Reading text file
  • Go routines
  • Wait Group
  • Mutex
  • HTTP Web Sample
  • Web services
  • Go HTML templates
  • Go HTML Template web application
  • Static contents in Web applications
  • Deploying Web apps and Web services
  • HTTP client
  • MySQL connection and third party packages
  • MySQL-Sample with packages
  • Unit testing in Go
  • MySQL-Sample with OOP
  • Composition
  • Anonymous field composition